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vacuum weighing system
multi/single material

the powder vacuum weighing system consists of a feeding station or a material storage bin, a vacuum suction machine weighing device, a plc controller and the like, and can complete an automatic feeding ingredient for a single material constant weight feeding or a plurality of materials with different formula ingredients. widely used in medicine, food, chemical, battery materials, building materials, metallurgy, feed processing and other industries.

the powder vacuum weighing system is applied to the automatic weighing and weighing of two materials as an example to illustrate the working principle of the powder vacuum weighing system. the materials a and b are stored in two silos respectively. the powder vacuum weighing system starts to work, the vacuum pump starts, the screw discharge valve a at the bottom of the material a silo opens, the screw starts, and the material a is sucked into the weighing hopper. when the material a reaches a certain weight, the spiral stops, the discharge valve a closes, and the remaining material in the conveying pipe continues to be sucked into the weighing hopper. after sucking, the weight of the material b is just the set weight; the vacuum pump stop.

compared with the traditional powder weighing system, the powder vacuum weighing system has a short process flow, high weighing accuracy and high reliability, and the equipment layout is highly flexible, which greatly reduces the height of the plant. according to the different positions of the weighing device in the powder vacuum weighing system, a variety of addition scales and subtraction scales can be formed to meet the different needs of customers.

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