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graded screening simulation

how it works

the vibration sieve is operated by the motor, so that the vibrator produces a vibration, through the spring connection, so that the vibration part into a complex spin vibration, this vibration trajectory is a complex spatial stereoscopic curve, the curve is projected horizontally into a circle, the projection on both vertical surfaces are oval (i.e., up, down, left, tilt three-dimensional motion). adjusting the phase angle of the hammer block up and down the vibrator can change the trajectory of the sieve material, when the upper and lower sledgehammer blocks overlap, the phase angle is at 0 degrees, the material is dispersed outwards from the point, and when the phase angle of the hammer block is at 90 degrees, the material gathers to the center.

the main purpose

1. machinery industry: powder metallurgy, cast sand, aluminum magnesium alloy powder, carbide powder, magnetic materials, welding materials and so on.
2. chemical industry: resin, plastics, coatings, dyes, fillers, cosmetics, chemical raw materials, solvents and so on.
3. pharmaceutical and food industry; chinese and western raw materials, biochemicals, punches, tablets, pills, starch, msg, milk powder, yeast and so on.
4. glass, ceramics, abrasives: glass powder, abrasive materials, ceramic powder, quartz sand and so on.

product features

1. continuous production, automatic classification of screening.
2. closed structure, no dust spillage.
3. low noise.
4. small size, simple installation, easy to operate and maintain.
5. start up quickly and the parking is very smooth.
6. high screen utilization rate, not easy to block the eye, replace the screen easy.

structural analysis
working principle

graded screening simulation

wide screening range

zs series vibrating screening machine can screen any particle, fine powder, slurry and mucilage within a certain range. the sieving powder can be as fine as 500 or 0.028 mm, and the filtered liquid can be as small as 5 microns. the grading screen can screen one to five layers of screens, and can perform two to six levels of sorting or filtration at the same time. the discharge port position can be arbitrarily changed along the circumference 360°.

high efficiency and precise screening

fully enclosed structure, the powder does not fly, the liquid does not leak, the mesh is not blocked, the screening material is automatically discharged, the gate structure makes the material fully sieved on the sieve surface, the precision is high, the treatment is the largest, and the equipment can be installed to any desired position. no need to be fixed, it is easy to move.

features and advantages

solid-liquid filtration can quickly remove non-soluble substances from various types of slurry. screen-separated structure replacement screen is simple and convenient, and increases the service life of the screen. the grid structure has no dead ends and is easy to clean or disinfect. different materials can be used in stainless steel or carbon steel. pressure grid design, 3-5 minutes screen replacement can be completed, the network can be used for 2 people.

outline mounting size

dimensional drawing

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