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electric vacuum conveyor

machine characteristics

my company produces vacuum suction machine is currently more advanced, ideal, perfect powder, granulated, powder mixture vacuum transport equipment. vacuum feeding machine automatically to the packaging machine, injection molding machine, shredder and other equipment in the hopper, but also directly mixed materials to the mixer (such as a type mixer, two-dimensional mixer, 3d mixer, etc.), reducing the labor intensity of workers, to solve the problem of dust spillage, is the pharmaceutical factory,

food factory through the "gmp" certification, to promote clean, civilized production of the first choice of equipment. vacuum suction machine by the vacuum pump (no oil, no water) vacuum hopper, filter (with polyester film filter, pe filter, 316l stainless steel filter or titanium filter a variety of choices), compressed air anti-blowing device, pneumatic discharge door device, level automatic control device, stainless steel suction tsui, transport hose, etc., the complete system is well designed and beautifully manufactured.

structural analysis
working principle

technical parameters:

delivery: 600-1200kg/h
warehouse volume: 12l
operating pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6mpa 
motor power: 3kw

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