pneumatic vacuum feeders deliver fine food powders, chemicals, granules, granules, tablets and other small parts under lean, dense or plug flow conditions to avoid separation, damage or wear. this pneumatic vacuum delivery takes place through a hose or pipe through a vacuum suction air stream. even if a leak occurs, the vacuum prevents the product from escaping into the environment.

pneumatic vacuum feeder is the use of compressed air to generate high vacuum through vacuum generator to achieve material transportation. it does not require mechanical vacuum pump. it has simple structure, small volume, maintenance-free, low noise, convenient control, elimination of material static and compliance. advantages such as gmp requirements. the high vacuum generated by the vacuum generator prevents the layered phenomenon of the material to be conveyed, and ensures the uniformity of the composition of the mixture. it is a tableting machine, a capsule filling machine, a dry granulator, a packaging machine, a pulverizer, a vibrating screen. the preferred equipment for mechanical automatic feeding.

when the compressed air is supplied to the vacuum generator, the vacuum generator generates a vacuum to form a vacuum flow, and the material is sucked into the suction nozzle to form a gas stream which passes through the suction pipe and reaches the bin of the loading machine. the filter completely separates the material from the air. when the material is filled in the silo, the controller will automatically cut off the gas source and the vacuum generator stops working.

at the same time, the silo door is automatically opened and the material falls into the hopper of the equipment. at the same time, the compressed air automatically cleans the filter by pulse backflushing. the feeder is automatically started when the time is up or the level sensor sends a loading signal.

the vacuum suction machine produced by our company is a vacuum conveying equipment which is more advanced, ideal and perfect in foreign countries, such as powder material, granular material and powder mixture. the vacuum feeding machine can automatically transport various materials to the hopper of packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer, etc., and can also directly convey the mixed materials to the mixer (such as ∨ type mixer, 2d mixer, 3d in the mixer, etc., the labor intensity of the workers is alleviated, and the problem of dust spillage during feeding is solved. it is the preferred equipment for the pharmaceutical factory and the food factory to pass the "gmp" certification to promote clean and civilized production.

vacuum suction machine consists of vacuum pump (oil-free, water-free) vacuum hopper, filter (multiple choice of polyester film filter, pe filter, 316l stainless steel filter or titanium metal filter), compressed air backflushing device , pneumatic discharge door device, material level automatic control device, stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose, etc. the whole system is designed reasonably and beautifully manufactured.

food processing
pharmaceutical industry
chemical industry

shangshuai vacuum feeder is very suitable for meeting the requirements of the food industry. its modular design is suitable for a wide range of bulk materials. it's simple, it can be removed without tools, and cleaning and product replacement are especially user-friendly. most food ingredients are organic and therefore flammable, because they form explosive dust, use the handsome vacuum feeder to transport food materials, dust-free transmission, safety, hygiene, in the food industry, vacuum conveyors are becoming the first choice for food processing conveyor systems that can no longer increase transmission machinery.for the following typical applications

1. empty and load bagged goods
2.feeding the mixer
3.products supplied to filling systems and packaging machines
4.raw material supply for batching equipment
5.return to feed and recover excess dust material

shangshuai vacuum feeders are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry for feeding and transferring materials such as refill boxes, initial weighing, mixing, sieving, granulation, compaction and compression.

due to the tight delivery of capsules, pills and tablets during the production of the feed, the mixture can be delivered without separation. the superior vacuum feeders are modular and hygienic, and they are easy to disassemble without tools. their individual parts and components are compact and lightweight. provides a very smooth and gap-free design. they are ideal for applications requiring the highest surface quality and the minimum number of connections and gaskets.

the super-pneumatic vacuum feeder pneumatic vacuum conveyor transports and transports all types of powder, granular materials, dust, particles, fibers, etc., to meet the difficult requirements of chemical transportation and handling. the main features are as follows:

1.transfer the most difficult materials, such as highly viscous powders, hazardous materials, dense metal powders
2.clean and vacuum-free transfer in closed systems to improve product and processing environments
3.there is no ignition source for all systems
4.the system is completely pneumatically operated
5.small and light, quiet
6.easy to install and operate
7.modular design for easy cleaning and optimized configuration systems transport materials to many processes

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